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Discovering Therapies for Neuromuscular Disorders

April 10, 2018

Deep Genomics to collaborate with Wave Life Sciences to discover novel therapies for genetic neuromuscular disorders

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. U.S.A. and TORONTO, Ontario, Canada, April 10, 2018 - Wave Life Sciences Ltd. (NASDAQ: WVE), a biotechnology company focused on delivering transformational therapies for patients with serious, genetically-defined diseases, and Deep Genomics Inc., the leading AI therapeutics company that is building a ...

Taking on Metabolic & Neurodegenerative Disorders

March 26, 2018

Deep Genomics to identify oligonucleotide candidates for treating genetically defined metabolic and neurodegenerative disorders

For the first time, machine learning will be used at every step of drug discovery to identify candidates for treating genetically defined metabolic and neurodegenerative disorders.

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada, March 26, 2018 - Deep Genomics, the leading AI therapeutics company that has built a platform using ...

$13M Invested in AI Platform for Genetic Medicines

September 25, 2017

Equity investment by Khosla Ventures, True Ventures and Bloomberg Beta will be used to direct platform to drug discovery

AI platform to unlock new classes of anti-sense oligonucleotide therapies.

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada, September 25, 2017 - Deep Genomics, the leading AI therapeutics company, received a USD $13 million equity investment led by Khosla Ventures, one of the top venture capital firms. They are accompanied by ...

Canada Tries to Turn Its A.I. Ideas Into Dollars

April 9, 2017

Steve Lohr, New York Times

Brendan Frey, the chief executive, studied under Mr. Hinton at the University of Toronto, and he has spent years on research that combines deep-learning A.I. and cell biology. When he hires software engineers, he asks them to make multiyear commitments. “There are a lot ...

How artificial intelligence could transform the medical world

May 9, 2016

Kate Allen, Toronto Star

Artificial intelligence is already powering your Google searches, your Netflix recommendations, and your smartphone’s virtual assistant. It is playing humans at complex, intuitive games like Go, and it is beating them. Now, researchers say, they want AI to power your doctor’s diagnoses, your ...

New company plans to revolutionize genomic medicine with deep learning

July 26, 2015

Richard Moss, New Atlas

Deep learning has already had a huge impact on computer vision and speech recognition, and it's making inroads in areas as computer-unfriendly as cooking. Now a new startup led by University of Toronto professor Brendan Frey wants to cause similar reverberations in genomic medicine ...

Meet Deep Genomics, a start-up bringing the power of deep learning to genomics

July 22, 2015

Matt McFarland, Washington Post

With frustration fresh on his mind, Frey knew he wanted to work on genomics. Out of hardship, Frey sought a way to make a positive impact, and his deep learning background would be his secret weapon. “How can I make a difference to the next ...

Using deep learning and artificial intelligence to map the genome and predict disease

July 22, 2015

Meghana Keshavan, MedCity News

Deep Genomics, a fresh new University of Toronto spinout, is combining deep machine learning techniques with artificial intelligence to study the human genome... “We use machine learning to try to mimic the way in which the cell works – and predict whether a person will get ...