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Filling in the missing pieces’: How AI is transforming drug discovery, development and innovation

April 1, 2019

Sydney Loney, National Post

'For the first time in human history, our ability to collect data on our biology has outpaced our ability to interpret and act on it'

How Machine Learning Is Crafting Precision Medicine

February 11, 2019


A variety of organizations are just starting to explore AI-based approaches to precision medicine. Deep Genomics, a Toronto startup, uses AI to reduce the amount of costly trial and error in drug discovery by analyzing large genomic databases, but its first clinical trial won’t ...

The A.I. Wave Is Here

October 19, 2018

Steve Lohr, New York Times

Deep Genomics, founded in 2015, is at the forefront of efforts by big companies, startups and university researchers to transform the economics of drug discovery. The problem is apparent. It typically takes several years and costs billions of dollars for pharmaceutical companies to bring a ...

Canada’s AI Explosion

March 26, 2018

Jason McBride, Globe and Mail

As any high school biology student knows, genes come in pairs. When Brendan Frey recounts the origins of Deep Genomics - the Toronto AI startup he co-founded - he likewise tells a pair of stories, one intimate and tragic, the other immense and world-changing. The way these ...

Khosla Backs AI Startup Creating New Class of Genetic Drugs

September 25, 2017

Heather Mack, Wall Street Journal

In the next 24 months, Mr. Frey said Deep Genomics expects to be able to generate a library of 1,000 oligonucleotide compounds that can be used in different ways, from in-house development of the company’s own drugs to research collaborations and preclinical testing ...

Inside the AI healthcare revolution

August 28, 2017

Joe Shute, The Telegraph

By 2050, many of us will have had our genes sequenced making it far easier to identify and treat genetic disorders, which presently affect some 350m people worldwide. In a different building in Toronto’s Mars Discovery District, another pioneer in the field of artificial ...

An AI-Driven Genomics Company Is Turning to Drugs

May 3, 2017

Will Knight, MIT Technology Review

The next blockbuster drug could be developed with help from machine learning techniques.

Deep Genomics, a Canadian company that uses machine learning to trace potential genetic causes for disease, announced Tuesday that it’s getting into drug development. It joins a growing list of AI ...

Canada Tries to Turn Its A.I. Ideas Into Dollars

April 9, 2017

Steve Lohr, New York Times

Brendan Frey, the chief executive, studied under Mr. Hinton at the University of Toronto, and he has spent years on research that combines deep-learning A.I. and cell biology. When he hires software engineers, he asks them to make multiyear commitments. “There are a lot ...