Deep Genomics plans for clinical innovation, appoints Peter Barton Hutt as Strategic Advisor

June 25, 2019

Toronto, Ontario – June 26, 2019 at 9:00 AM EDT. Deep Genomics, the leading AI therapeutics company, announced today that Peter Barton Hutt, Senior Counsel at Covington & Burling and former Chief Counsel of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, has joined the company as a Strategic Advisor.

“Our artificial intelligence workbench has brought into focus a universe of genetic medicines that were not previously known to exist,” says Brendan Frey, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We see before us an opportunity to develop dozens of therapies for hundreds of thousands of patients with unmet need. However, doing so will require innovating on clinical trial design and regulatory strategy.”

Says Frey, “We are delighted to announce that Peter Hutt has joined our team as a Strategic Advisor. For Deep Genomics to innovate on regulatory strategy, we require an advisor that has a deep understanding of the past, present and future of drug regulation. Peter is incomparable in this regard.”

To address the need for clinical trial innovation, Deep Genomics is extending its AI workbench to support complex innovative trial designs, to plan and execute trials involving patients with different genetic biomarkers, to test multiple therapies in a single umbrella trial, and to more accurately pinpoint patients that benefit from therapies.

Hutt specializes in food and drug law, has been involved in drafting most of the major F.D.A. legislation since 1962, and was the Chief Counsel of the F.D.A. from 1971 to 1975. He is Senior Counsel in Covington & Burling and teaches a course on food and drug law at Harvard Law School. Hutt has represented national trade associations and he has testified before the U.S. House and Senate more than one hundred times either as counsel accompanying a witness or as a witness. He recently served as a member of the Working Group on Innovation in Drug Development and Evaluation.

Peter Barton Hutt

“I am thrilled to be joining Deep Genomics,” said Hutt, “and to work with the team as Strategic Advisor on Regulatory Affairs. As we see more and more data in medicine, from natural histories, to multi-faceted biomarkers, to genome sequencing, it seems clear to me that we will need AI to interpret that data. No other company is as far along as Deep Genomics, and if anyone is going to make this happen, they will.”

About Deep Genomics. Deep Genomics is creating a universe of individualized genetic medicines. It is building an AI Workbench that its team uses to accelerate all aspects of drug discovery and development, including target discovery, lead optimization and clinical trial design. The workbench combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced robotics systems, the latest biomedical data, specialized software systems and high volume data acquisition. Deep Genomics is located in the heart of Toronto, next to the University of Toronto, four research hospitals, three medical research institutes, and the AI research labs of Google, Uber and the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Web: Press: Megan Murphy

Press Release June 26 2019