Deep Genomics Takes on Metabolic & Neurodegenerative Disorders

March 26, 2018

For the first time, machine learning will be used at every step of drug discovery to identify candidates for treating genetically defined metabolic and neurodegenerative disorders.

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada, March 26, 2018 - Deep Genomics, the leading AI therapeutics company that has built a platform using machine learning, genomics, cell biology and automation, today announced they are investing $10 million to expand their preclinical platform and to develop therapies for metabolic and neurodegenerative disorders.

“For too long, the medical community has been held back by its inability to search through the many trillions of possible combinations of indications, targets, therapeutic mechanisms, molecules, delivery paths and toxicities,” said Dr. Brendan Frey, CEO and scientific founder of Deep Genomics. “But accelerated growth in biomedical knowledge, high volume data acquisition and machine learning technologies is making it possible to develop drug candidates with much greater potential.”

In the next three years, Deep Genomics will use its platform to unlock new classes of anti-sense oligonucleotide therapies that were previously inaccessible, and advance them for clinical evaluation. “We have allocated 50% of our drug discovery pipeline to finding new therapies for genetically defined metabolic and neurodegenerative disorders,” said Dr. Frey.

Dr. Arthur A. Levin, a leader in the field of oligonucleotide therapeutics and EVP of Research and Development at Avidity Biosciences, says “Antisense oligos are the fastest and most efficient way to translate Deep Genomics' discovery technology into therapeutic agents.” Dr. Levin, who joined the Scientific Advisory Board of Deep Genomics last month, went on to say “With oligonucleotide therapeutics, it’s possible to design targeted medicines based on genomic information. This discovery platform will expand the target space for antisense.”

Yann LeCun, SAB Member and Chief AI Scientist at Facebook, says “What Brendan and his team are doing is quite audacious, but at the same time I can’t imagine a future in which medicine doesn’t rely heavily on AI. Given their experience, they are in a good position to make this work.”

About Deep Genomics  – Deep Genomics has built a biologically accurate machine learning platform that supports geneticists, molecular biologists, chemists, toxicologists and drug developers in the identification and development of genetic medicines. The platform leverages automation and is based on the most advanced knowledge and data in experimental biology, genetics, medicine and therapeutics. Launched in 2015, Deep Genomics has 27 employees with advanced degrees and extensive industry experience in artificial intelligence, automation, software engineering, genomics, molecular and cell biology, human genetics, molecular diagnostics, and organic chemistry. It is located in the heart of Toronto, the fastest growing tech hub in North America and one of the most livable cities in the world, next to four research hospitals, three medical research institutes, and the AI research labs of Google, Uber and the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

Press contact: Megan Murphy