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How artificial intelligence could transform the medical world

May 9, 2016

Kate Allen, Toronto Star

Artificial intelligence is already powering your Google searches, your Netflix recommendations, and your smartphone’s virtual assistant. It is playing humans at complex, intuitive games like Go, and it is beating them. Now, researchers say, they want AI to power your doctor’s diagnoses, your ...

Deep learning meets genome biology

April 27, 2016

David Beyer, O'Reilly

Genome biology, as a field, is generating torrents of data. You will soon be able to sequence your genome using a cell-phone size device for less than a trip to the corner store. And yet, the genome is only part of the story: there exists ...

We're finally cracking the secrets of what makes us sick

October 26, 2015

Kevin Loria, Business Insider

Scientists all over the country are pushing for new ways to understand genomic data... Making sense of the links within such vast stores of data will require technologies that are only now becoming powerful enough to help...

Using deep learning to analyze genetic mutations

September 21, 2015

April Cashin-Garbutt, News Medical

Deep Genomics has an aggressive science and technology roadmap for building a computational system that links together many components that account for different cellular processes.

Think about the Google search engine, but for human mutations...

New company plans to revolutionize genomic medicine with deep learning

July 26, 2015

Richard Moss, New Atlas

Deep learning has already had a huge impact on computer vision and speech recognition, and it's making inroads in areas as computer-unfriendly as cooking. Now a new startup led by University of Toronto professor Brendan Frey wants to cause similar reverberations in genomic medicine ...

Toronto startup aims to shake up genome sequencing market

July 22, 2015

Matthew Sherwood, Globe and Mail

A University of Toronto computer scientist known for combining artificial intelligence with big data genomics is launching a company that could create a roadmap for DNA-based therapy. The company, called Deep Genomics, is set to launch on Wednesday.

It will be wading in to the ...

Meet Deep Genomics, a start-up bringing the power of deep learning to genomics

July 22, 2015

Matt McFarland, Washington Post

With frustration fresh on his mind, Frey knew he wanted to work on genomics. Out of hardship, Frey sought a way to make a positive impact, and his deep learning background would be his secret weapon. “How can I make a difference to the next ...

Using deep learning and artificial intelligence to map the genome and predict disease

July 22, 2015

Meghana Keshavan, MedCity News

Deep Genomics, a fresh new University of Toronto spinout, is combining deep machine learning techniques with artificial intelligence to study the human genome... “We use machine learning to try to mimic the way in which the cell works – and predict whether a person will get ...