Creating A New Universe Of
Genetic Medicines
Revolutions in AI, biology and automation are enabling a new approach
to drug development. Deep Genomics is at the forefront.

AI-Powered Discovery Platform

The future of drug development will rely on artificial intelligence, because biology is too complex for humans to understand

Our AI platform rapidly directs us to the best drug candidates. It knows biology, from disease biomarkers all the way down to the level of DNA, RNA and the molecular machinery of the cell. Everyone at Deep Genomics uses the platform to do their work, and everyone participates in improving the platform. That includes our geneticists, biologists, chemists, toxicologists, clinicians and drug developers. Now, we’re creating and clinically evaluating new oligonucleotide therapies, designed up front to be effective and safe.

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Fast and Accurate Drug Discovery

Our proprietary AI Workbench enables us to identify leads for over 50% of the novel targets we select, and to do so within 12 months. This is a game changer.

In 2018, our proprietary AI Workbench unlocked multiple splicing targets, which we advanced internally or through partnerships. AI Workbench 2.0, which we released in Spring 2020, created over a dozen expression increase opportunities. We are now pursuing those internally and through partnerships.

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Join Us

We are looking for individuals who are inspired to join us in building a new kind of world-class genetic medicine company.

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