Programming RNA Therapies
Any Gene, Any Genetic condition
Revolutions in AI, RNA biology and automation are enabling a new approach
to drug development. Deep Genomics is at the forefront.

AI-Powered Discovery

The future of drug development will rely on artificial intelligence, because biology is too complex for humans to understand

RNA as a therapeutic modality has arrived on a global scale with new medicines approved for rare disease and as vaccines. This is only the beginning. Everyone will face a genetic condition in their lifetime. And, because RNA therapies can be programmed to precisely target genetic causes, we can conceive of addressing most genetic conditions. Finding therapies requires mining RNA biology data. But, this data is vast, complex and overwhelming, making standard approaches to drug discovery too slow and costly.

Deep Genomics has the solution: Our AI Workbench untangles the complexity in RNA biology, identifies novel targets, and evaluates thousands of possibilities to identify the best therapeutic candidates.

We seek to program therapies for any gene and any genetic condition.

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AI Drives Unprecedented Number of Valuable Medicines by Combining Prediction and Scale

Our proprietary AI Workbench is designed for data-driven prediction, positive feedback loops, and exponential growth. It enables us to identify leads for over 50% of the novel targets we select, and to do so quickly. This is a game changer.

In 2018, our proprietary AI Workbench unlocked our first targets in which RNA splicing was the defect and the mechanism for correction. Our AI Workbench 2.0, released in Spring 2020, expanded the number of mechanisms for increased expression. This work generated over 10 program opportunities for internal and partnered development.

 We are currently developing AI Workbench 3.0, which will expand the number of mechanisms and genetic variants we can pursue. This includes expanding into more complex genetic diseases. As genetic targets are less understood in complex genetic disease, the AI Workbench will play an even greater role in identifying novel targets, as well as therapies, to modulate disease. We are now pursuing these programs internally and through partnerships.

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