Mila Announces Collaboration with Leading AI Therapeutics Company Deep Genomics

September 20, 2021

MONTREAL and TORONTO – September 20, 2021 – Mila, the Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, today announced the start of a partnership with Deep Genomics, a leading company in therapeutic artificial intelligence treatments. This collaboration will allow the company to join Mila's community and to take advantage of the recruitment activities offered by the research institute. Deep Genomics uses AI and machine learning to program and prioritize transformational therapeutics for genetic diseases where unmet medical needs persist. The company recently closed a $180M Series C financing, the largest in Canadian biotech history, which will allow them to double the size of its team within two years.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Mila, one of the world’s leading AI research institutes, to support up-and-coming leaders in the exciting and rapidly evolving field of deep learning,” said Brendan Frey, PhD, FRSC, Founder & CEO of Deep Genomics and co-founder of the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence. “As Deep Genomics continues to scale up our team, we are looking to recruit the best talent in the areas of AI, software engineering, and RNA biology, and ultimately grow our footprint in the hubs of machine learning and biotech. Through this endeavor with Mila, we will have access to leaders in the space, which will coalesce well with our vision and passion as the leaders in AI.”

Since its founding in 2015, Deep Genomics has built a suite of predictive systems known as the AI Workbench. It has made billions of predictions across the entire human genome for millions of genetic variants and hundreds of millions of novel compounds. This level of productivity has not been possible using traditional non-AI approaches, and the company attributes this success to collaboration between computational, experimental, and clinical team members. The company is expanding its AI Workbench and embarking on a large-scale data generation effort across 100 genes to identify novel targets, mechanisms, and preclinical programs, all while advancing programs into the clinic.  

“Deep Genomics’ sophisticated AI technology has the potential to identify novel targets and develop transformative medicines for patients with genetic diseases. We look forward to our long-term collaboration with this very promising organisation. Students from our world-class AI institute are ready to take on the next frontier of deep learning and drug development with this partnership.” said Professor Yoshua Bengio, Mila’s Founder and Scientific Director.

About Mila

Founded by Professor Yoshua Bengio of the University of Montreal, Mila is an artificial intelligence research institute that brings together over 700 researchers specializing in machine learning and deep learning. Based in Montreal, Mila’s mission is to be a global hub for scientific advances that inspire innovation and development of AI for the benefit of all. Mila is a non-profit organization recognized worldwide for its significant contributions to the field of deep learning, particularly in language modeling, machine translation, object recognition, and generative models. For more information, visit

About Deep Genomics

Deep Genomics uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to program and prioritize transformational RNA therapies for almost any gene in any genetic condition. The platform, called the AI Workbench, enables Deep Genomics to decode vast amounts of data on RNA biology, identify novel targets for genetically defined diseases, and produce therapeutic programs with a high success rate. Almost everyone will suffer from a disease affected by genetics at some point in their life, and Deep Genomics aims to be there for them with a genetically precise therapy. Deep Genomics is located in Toronto, Ontario and Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.