Project Saturn

Our First Platform Milestone

Our's is the world's first drug design system built around a molecular biology AI. In Project Saturn, we're using our platform to evaluate over 69 billion oligonucleotide molecules against 1 million targets, in silico, to generate a library of 1000 compounds that are experimentally verified to manipulate cell biology as intended. Think of it as a toolkit for controlling cell biology along crucial pathways, rapidly unlocking therapies with greater potential. 

Saturn Tech Specs

  • Anticipates the universe of molecular effects achievable by antisense oligonucleotide compounds (ASOs) in reference human cells.
  • Automatically identifies all ASOs that achieve a particular change, tailored to individual genotype and leveraging up to six biological mechanisms, and counting.
  • Analyses over 100,000 standard RNA isoforms for altered expression, plus thousands of novel and anticipated isoforms.
  • Evaluates over 69 billion ASOs against 1 million target sites in silico.
  • AI components continuously improve in a closed loop, learning from both successes and failures.
  • Back-of-envelope calculation of entire ASO design space: 10^50 compounds, or, mathematically, sqrt(googol).