Deep Genomics recruits from among the top 5% of recent graduates and experienced experts in science, engineering, medicine and business. 

We are looking for individuals who are inspired to join us and build a new kind of world-class genetic medicine company. Advances in chemistry and drug delivery have recently made RNA and DNA therapies a reality. At the same time, artificial intelligence, genomics and experimental biology are all advancing at an exponential pace. Deep Genomics is where individuals from all these disciplines meet and work together.

Whether you are an AI researcher, a bioinformatician, a business developer, a chemist, a geneticist, a molecular biologist, a project manager or a software engineer, you will fully participate in the creation of this new kind of medicine company.




Brendan Frey, PhD, FRSC

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

In addition to founding Deep Genomics, Brendan co-founded the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence and was a Professor in Engineering and Medicine at the University of Toronto. He has made fundamental contributions to the fields of machine learning and genome biology, both in research and in industry. He led the team that developed the first deep learning methods for identifying the splicing-related genetic determinants of disease (Science, January 9, 2015) and for determining how proteins interact with DNA and RNA (Nature Biotechnology, July 2015). In the past twenty years, he has co-authored over 12 papers in Science, Nature and Cell, including one of the first papers on deep learning (Science, 1995). Brendan is a co-inventor of the affinity propagation algorithm and of the factor graph notation for graphical models. He has consulted for over a dozen machine learning-powered companies, has served on the technical advisory board of Microsoft Research, holds seven patents, and has served as an expert witness in patent litigation. Brendan’s former team members include entrepreneurs, industrial researchers, and professors at highly recognized centers in Canada, the United States, England and Europe.


Advisors include leaders from major pharmaceutical companies and industrial artificial intelligence groups, intellectual property experts with decades of pharmaceutical and life science experience, and professors from Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Toronto and UCSD.